The Kamancha of Azerbaijan
Biography-Imamyar Hasanov

  Imamyar Hasanov
  Azerbaijani American Kamancha Master

Working as the Global Music Director for the San Francisco World Music since 2012. Imamyar Hasanov is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso on kamancha and for his versatility as an arranger, bridging the vast divide between his traditional scales and those of other cultures. Having impressive credentials, he leads the field with his experience and vision to catapult Azerbaijani music onto the world stage. As an artist of impeccable character, Mr. Hasanov is a uniquely gifted musician with numerous achievements in fostering the vitality and public appreciation of Azerbaijani traditional music. With his extensive knowledge of both Azerbaijani traditional and Western classical music, knowledge of many of the world’s traditional instruments, and innovative arranging technique, Mr. Hasanov has not only contributed to the preservation of Azerbaijani traditional music, but has created a body of work which has brought this music to the forefront of both the classical and world music fields. In 2013, Mr. Hasanov taught Azerbaijani music as a Lecturer for the San Francisco World Music Festival Lectureship in the Department of Music at Stanford University.

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